Rocket-boost site performance

with SSD at a nice price

service 2

E-Commerce Tools

We have Shared SSL, Quick Setup OpenCart, ZenCart, osCommerce, Agora shopping cart, Cube Cart and many more Ecommerces tools

service 4

DDoS Protection

We have DDoS Protection with Brute Force Detection Network Firewall, 24/7 Monitoring & Uninterruptible Power System.

service 6

Email Features

Webmail, POP3 with SMTP, IMAP, Spam Blocker, Auto responders, I/O Mail, Mailing List & Domain Keys & SPF

service 2

RAID-10 Protected Disk

We have a fully enterprise-grade servers with multiple Xeon CPUs with RAID-10 protection. There is no chance of Data Loss.

service 5

Softaculous Pro

Softaculous Pro is free to use in our Network. FREE 1-click installer with 310+ applications are always open to use.

service 1

MariaDB Database

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. More faster, secure, robust, scalable, and reliable SQL server.

Question & Answer

Frequently Asked


What is the maximum bandwidth limit of BDIX hosting provided by Chatgao?


One person can get upto 600GB bandwidth in our packages. But in case of any further ,need we will manage that for our customers at a reasonable price.


Can I migrate to other packages of BDIX hosting if I need it?


Alike other hosting packages, we are providing free hosting package migration for you if you find the best choice for you. You just need to knock our customer service via live chat, email or phone call to notify it. They will do the rest for you.


Is there any condition for getting unlimited sub-domain for BDIX hosting of Chatgao?


All the items we are providing within our packages are unconditional. You do not need to fulfill any condition to get unlimited sub-domain in our Chatgao BDIX web hosting.


Can I use BDIX hosting of Chatgao for any kind of website?


Our BDIX web hosting is optimized and can be used for any kind of hosting purposes. You can host any kind of website in our BDIX web hosting to give a faster loading experience to your visitors. At the same time, this web hosting has most leight-weight will give a superior browsing speed to your visitors.


Is the security, loading speed and uptime is good enough in BDIX hosting?


As this is a local data center based server this is very helpful for everyone those who are using this hosting will get a faster uptime and better loading speed than the other hosting packages. The servers, data centers and hosting is constantly being monitored by the expert so that there will not be any security breach from hackers or malwares.